• No Startup Cost

    Choose from our No Cost, $0 Down, or Lease Options to find the plan that works best for your business.

  • Low Operating Expense

    Secure a low, fixed, long-term energy rate and protect yourself from rising energy costs.

  • Highly Dependable

    All our installations are covered by a 2 year warranty so you can rest assured the power will keep coming for years.

We Take You ThroughEvery Step of The Process

Step 1. Site Audit

We provide a solar consultation that includes a site survey and financial analysis.

Step 2. Power Purchase Agreement

You sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) agreeing to purchase the power generated by your system at a fixed monthly rate for a set amount of time.

Step 3. Engineering

We'll engineer the optimal system to cover your energy needs and minimize your monthly power bill.

Step 4. Permitting

We handle all the permits and paperwork so you don't have to.

Step 5. Installation

Our professional installation crew will show up on a day that works best for you. Even larger installations can typically be completed within a single day so we won't have to disrupt your business at all.

Step 6. Final Inspection

Power is mission critical to operations so we always do a final inspection previous to switching to solar and directly after to make sure everything is as it should be.

Step 6. Utility Connection

Before we can connect your panels to the grid, your local utility and municipality will need to give final Permission to Operate (PTO). Once PTO is given, it’s time to turn your system on and start generating power. During the day, your property will draw energy from the solar system and feed any excess energy back to the grid. At night, you’ll continue to draw energy from the grid as you do now.

We Make It Easy For You To Make The Switch

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