• Energy Independence

    Solar power puts you in full control of your own power source.

  • Lower Monthly Cost

    Fixed monthly solar rates are far less expensive than traditional electricity.

  • Clean & Dependable

    Quiet, clean, renewable, and just as reliable as traditional power sources.

We Take You ThroughEvery Step of The Process

Step 1. Consultation

It all starts with a simple (commitment free) assessment of your current energy usage. We calculate how much it will cost and even tell you how much you can expect to save by switching to solar.

Step 2. Design

Based on satellite images of your roof we'll design the ideal solar setup for your home, positioning the panels for optimal exposure to sunlight and curb appeal.

Step 3. Installation

Our professional installation crew will show up any day that works best for you, and within a few hours, your home will be completely powered by solar through your solar panels. Afterwards, we’ll walk you through the system and show you how it all works.

Step 4. Activation

Before we can connect your panels to the grid, your local utility and municipality will need to give final Permission to Operate (PTO). Once PTO is given, it’s time to turn your system on and start generating power.

We Make It Easy For You To Make The Switch

Schedule a no-obligation consultation & get a free quote